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Wearing: Charlie May AW13 blazer, Zara trousers and shoes, Jewellery by Victoria Kelsey.

Black and white, but definitely not monochrome. Oops sorry, how did I not know that? So taking very literally the tailoring inspiration from my last post, white suit trousers from Zara with a low waist, and the blazer sample from my AW12 that’s in my possession temporarily; it’s the perfect fit and shape and a simplified evolution from the dusky pink sleeveless blazerThe jewellery I’m wearing was borrowed from Victoria Kelsey – I love the molton gold with unusual details, such as the bracelet mounted on a leather watch strap. I’m sad to have to be returning those, but she’s one to watch having only just graduated! 

Kobi and I are a natural matching twinset, hasn’t he grown since he was last on this blog?? I’m now renting him out to hot bloggers everywhere, apparently. Currently appearing with the super beaut Park&Cube, and in my first biker jacket no less!

Photos by Shini

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  1. Oh my God, Kobi is adorable and you two really are like a matching set. Two peas in a pod and all that :P

  2. Kobi is such a cutie and like always, I’m loving absolutely everything about your outfit. Such a chic and polished look and what a perfect blazer. Your pieces are so incredible!


    The Habit

  3. you’re chic as hell and the Outfit is made for posing with majestic Kobi!


  4. I can’t tell whose “outfit” I love the most :)

  5. i love this! you look so chic!


  6. Kobi is a beautiful dog <3

    Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

  7. Omg! kobi is sooooo handsome!!! Xoxo

  8. WOW WOW !!! ;-)
    Easy chic !
    Love it ;-))


  9. Awww puppy! You both look very sharp :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  10. So elegant… you and Kobi!
    I remember the first pictures of Kobi, he has grown a lot…
    They are very special dogs and have a strong personality.
    I have a husky too, older, brown and more fat! (he eats a lot) ;)
    If you want to meet him:


  11. Beautiful outfit, but the dog is in the spotlight! :)


  12. In photography, black and white is Achromatic as black and white aren’t actually colours. Monochromatic is shades of one colour. So I totally understand where this anno was coming from.

    And Kobi is one fashionable pup! <3

  13. I used to be post.

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