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Wearing: Persol glasses, Aquascutum shirt, Vivienne Westwood trousers, Chloe heels

Watching an episode of Andrew Mukamel’s Today’s Look, about the men currently breaking down barriers by wearing womenswear; as featured by Bill Cunningham in the New York Times, got me inspired about the new culture we are entering into. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to wear whatever I want, when 50 years ago I would have been punished for wearing something as basic as trousers. Men are still going through this change but the end is in sight, with Bill predicting it will take just 10 years for the liberation of this generation to spread to the masses. It’s exciting that this is happening in our lifetime, and soon we will see gender free dressing for all.

So here’s a little tribute to some of my favourite menswear bloggers who are changing history; Pelayo, Michael and Andrew. 

You rock a skirt better than I do!

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  1. Awwwww

    (You know it…)

    1. P.S. GOOD CHOICE on the Chloes!

    2. Thanks! They are so comfortable, I can’t even believe it.

    3. OMG forgot to say, hair looking megachic up! It stops the glasses making you look so childlike…

  2. Hey Charlie, I am liking this look a lot a lot! Gorgeous ‘I work in a gallery/I am an architectural genius/I am the forlorn lover of a Parisian novelist’ ensemble. Or in my mind at least : )!! Am happy that I stumbled across your blog via TheMuse.TV. Also really loved perusing your clothing collection – good going!

    MB x

  3. beautiful and simple look! xx

  4. I always love the androgynous look especially when a simple touch of femininity is added.

  5. aww looks comfortable and chic at the same time!xx

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  6. It’s easy to forget about how Trousers were such an issue for women back then. You look awesome Charlie and those shoes! Amazing!

  7. Awesome post Charlie. The photos are beautiful and the commentary is spot on. I couldn’t agree with you more. Michael has opened my eyes on this subject. Before I met him I would have sworn against men in skirts. While the transformation might be getting off the ground in Europe I don’t think it’s really taking hold yet in America. All we need is a bit of sweet time.

    Love this post! xx

  8. This is such a great post. You’re right – we are born in extremely fortunate times! Hats off to the boys you mentioned too. Prince Pelayo’s really something else! x

  9. you have givin me the best inspiration ever! i have two pair of oversized pants (not as masculine as yours) and i have to wear them when a simple white shirt, yes it can be that simple! thank you for this gorgeous outfit!

  10. Absolutely love those shoes!

  11. I love this look so much. Really nice! Also I couldn’t agree with you more, I hope this does happen!

    Daniel x

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