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Wearing: Stine Riis for H&M coat, Celine polo neck, H&M jumper, Margiela trousers, Dr Martens Velvet shoes, D&G gloves.

Kobi’s 5 months old now and we’ve been dying for the weather to take a turn so we could take him out in the snow. He’s not quite big enough to attach a sleigh to yet, but he did cause me to skate across the ice unintentionally a few times due to sheer excitement. Shouting MUSH did seem to stir something within him, making him charge around the park like a crazy dog, slipping and sliding on all the snow, he is a snow dog after all! 

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  1. can these pictures be any more perfect??? i think not, Kobi is getting really big! his eyes, incredible! i remember victor antoine’s first snow, he loves it! he loves running around in it and eating it (not a good plan). so kobi loves it too.

    1. This dog is absolutely amazing <3!

    2. Omg you dog has a seriously amazing name! I’d love to hear you shouting it out across the park, haha! Kobi’s first response was to eat it first! He loved it so much, I wish it snowed more here just to see him so at home!

  2. Charlie, I hate to say this but Kobi stole the show this time :P

    Also wanted to let you know that your latest instagram pic is eerily beautiful.

    1. Thank you! He’s aloud to steal the show anytime ;)

  3. OMG Kobi’s the perfect accessory for all seasons! These pictures are making me desperate for my new coats to arrive (so going to struggle to send one of them back if they both fit), and also for it to snow here. Can’t believe I’ve been here since September and NO SNOW!!

  4. Kobi is beautiful! & the snow is mesmerising

  5. kobi is beyond cute! i’ve always wanted a dog (many breed!), but my parents aren’t really up for it ;/


  6. Kobi’s world is the snow, he OWNS the scene! You make me really wanna get a puppy too. P.S. The other day I was nearly attacked by the biggest dog I’ve seen in my life in the carpark of my building, it came up to my neck while it was on all fours…. o_O The owner didn’t really attempt to stop him until it already pounced on me, but I just petted it and it was cool lol, just overly playful hehee.

    1. Haha ohmygod, I thought Kobi jumping up was cute when he was smaller but now he nearly knocks me over! Need to nip that in the bud fast!

  7. He’s adorable. The picture reminds me of Nera, the black Labrador we’ve had when I was a child, she always went bananas when we took her out in the snow ;)

  8. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous




  9. Perfect wolf baby.

  10. What a cutie! I love the picture with a little tuft of snow on his nose.

  11. that dog is gooorgeous!!

  12. my little puppy went out in the snow for the first time today 2 – it was so cute x

  13. I took my dachshund out today in the snow today as well. It was quite funny to watch his behavior. I’m not entirely sure if he loved it or hated it! At least it looks like your beautiful Kobi loved it!

  14. He is so beautiful! And these photos are perfectly idyllic! x

  15. He is so gorgeous Charlie. These photos are crazy beautiful! xx

  16. such majestic photos. the snow on the tall grass is beautiful.

  17. Oh god, your dog is the cutest. AHHHHH how long until he can pull a sledge??

  18. So cute! He totally looks in his element!

    x Sharday


  19. You have a beautiful dog! Lovely pictures.

  20. Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts.

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