Wearing: Stephan Schneider jumper, Charlie May velvet tee, Helmut Lang skirt, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Maria Francesca Pepe bracelet, Acne beanie

Lumpy jumpers. This may be the ultimate lumpy jumper; I bought it from Labels Inc in Antwerp a couple of years ago from the mens section. It fits like a dad jumper, which is perfect in the right situations; such as a walk down the Thames on a cold Sunday. Happy to find such a cluster of trees in the middle of the city, so thought I would enjoy the moment. 

Photos by Lexxi
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    Nora January 15, 2013

    OMG these photos are so beautiful!! I love how you blend to the background beautifully – you European bloggers (you, Style Crusader, Park &Cube, StyleSlicker, Anastasia & Duck) seem to have this different kind of class and simplicity that shouts out “oh yes I am just NATURALLY cool”… Amazing…

    • Reply
      Duck January 15, 2013

      I LOVE YOU

      • Reply
        Charlie January 15, 2013

        I LOVE YOU TOO!

  2. Reply
    Duck January 15, 2013

    Holy Fuck Charlie that first photo is INCREDIBLE! Love it so much. Rushing to the woods near my house now…

    • Reply
      KARINA January 16, 2013

      I absolutely agree, this is sooooo brilliant, Charlie!!

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    Shini January 15, 2013

    Wowza this is da bomb, in the first shot I thought you must be travelling somewhere, but the rest of the shots kinda look like London..??? where is this secret place??! Next time take duggeh with you, think that might just win you the best-bg-and-prop award :D

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    Rhoda Wong January 15, 2013
  5. Reply
    absolutely mrs k January 15, 2013


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    Kit January 15, 2013

    Ah I know this place! It’s at Tate Modern right?

    • Reply
      Charlie January 16, 2013

      Yes! Exactly. A small patch of trees in the middle of all the buskers and tourists.

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    the style crusader January 15, 2013

    Whoa whoa whoa. That first photo is so so gorgeous. The trees definitely look like they are covered in eyes. So weird.

    p.s. me loving that floppy hat on you. xx

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    Joana Gomes January 15, 2013

    Perfection x

  9. Reply
    moiminnie January 15, 2013

    this is perfect, i’m literally crying! that aubergine beanie looks amazing on you

  10. Reply
    Chelsea January 16, 2013

    The scenery in this post is absolutely gorgeous – and I can’t get over your sweater, it’s exactly what I’ve been dreaming of this past month!

  11. Reply
    the animal orchestra January 16, 2013

    Ghost trees. So beautiful.

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    The Provoker January 16, 2013

    The first and last shot is perfection! The depth, the color, the outfit, the mood! All completely working in symbiosis! My favorite shoot from you so far.

  13. Reply
    Adorngirl January 16, 2013

    Holy crap that first photograph is so amazing that could be your collections’ look book shot

  14. Reply
    BL4Q January 17, 2013

    the scenery is breathtaking!

  15. Reply
    Designer Binary January 18, 2013

    Beautiful images

  16. Reply
    Shardette January 23, 2013

    Remember how I said I loved that Acne fabric? I bought the sweater dress version! It will be on my blog shortly!

    x Sharday


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