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Wearing: Uslu Airlines white polish, Backstage talon cuff.

Sometimes I find nail polish to be a bit too perfect and glossy looking. I love the look of a white decaying textured wall, so I thought I would try and translate it into my nails, just for fun. This was actually something we did for the SS13 show, painting the nails and then sponging it off for a more lived in, rough and ready feel. The trick is to wait until it’s almost set, then use a sponge to heavily dab into the varnish.

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  1. i like it! something different!


  2. So chic! I want to try this with my black polish! I’ll probably just end up in a mess though.

    1. Yeah, at first I used any old sponge and ended up with specs of dirt embedded in the white. Not chic. You could use anything to give it a rub though.

  3. that talon bracelet is aweesome. need it!

  4. I have nails like this all the time, since I’m not able to wait until it’s dry to get dressed or touch something…and I always unwillingly end up with messed up, textured nails! x

    1. Haha, my toenails always end up this way. Too impatient to wait to put my tights on!

  5. Love the cuff

  6. VERY brill idea! Textured nails are so hot now. I’ve just uploaded a new post with my new take on a “little black skirt” provoked by Kanye West’s recent Givenchy kilt story, tell me what you think ;)

    xx The Provoker

  7. i love your nails and your bracelet!

    your blog is great, i’m definitely going to follow xo


  8. I like the texture and that the bracelet bites your hand!


  9. just found your blog and i love your style!

    i have the gold pamela love version of this cuff. i love it to pieces, but do you ever find it get caught on your chunky sweaters? it snags all my sweaters!


  10. Are you kidding me? This is just brilliant…you are obviously some sort of genius. PS- Dig that talon.


  11. what a cool idea!

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