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 Last month Company magazine asked me to take part in their DIY blogger challenge, as I was heavily inspired by Alexander Wang SS12 collection, I thought it would be fun to try and create a sports lux garment from the high street. I think this is the first DIY tutorial I’d ever done on the blog and it was pretty hard work punching all the holes! The shirt turned out great though and I’m looking forward to styling it with my wardrobe.

You will need:

  • A mini punch set (can also just use scissors but this is better for precision)
  •  A wax chalk (melts under heat, leaving no trace) 
  •  A hammer to punch the holes with the set 
  •  A ruler to measure out your markings
  •  A cutting mat so you don’t punch holes in all your furniture!

 So, using a shirt from American Apparel, I marked out roughly where I was going to punch my holes with my wax chalk and then got punching using one of the larger hole settings, using the cutting mat to ensure the holes don’t go through to the back. When you’re done iron your garment to melt any wax chalk away, leaving your new sports lux piece!  

The feature is in the June issue out now, I’d recommend buying it as there’s a pretty sweet DIY tutorial from Kit making a Simone Rocha inspired clutch that’s way cooler than mine! Let me know how you get on if any of you try something similar. 

Wearing: American Apparel collar top, mesh top and clutch, Dior shirt, Rachel Barett shorts, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, borrowed baseball cap

Thanks Lexxi for the photos!

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  1. This is such a cool DIY. I really need to try something similar!

    xo Joana

  2. Beautiful look!<3 love the shoes and the top!^^

  3. The only thing that puts the fear in my heart more than “vintage” is “DIY”. Nice shoes though…

    1. I could never imagine you doing a DIY project..

    2. ooo! fab DIY project, but i just realized how similar i am to michael in my frds think the same of me, as in they cant imagine me doing DIY but i’ve always admired those who do.
      i get too lazy and rather just buy the thing sometimes lol… lovely look dear, esp lovin the cap!

      xx nathan.niche


    3. Also liking the cap – is it Shini’s?

    4. Lexxi’s!

  4. Awesome piece! I happened to read it yesterday on a plane and it was definitely inspiring!


  5. This is just great, looks so easy!!



  6. I can’t wait to do this…fantastic DIY idea!!

  7. Awesome! As someone already said it, it is inspiring.

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