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Left to right: Zara, Chloe, Céline.

Stiletto, chunky, gargantuan – three of my favourite shoes this summer, as well as my favourite colours. Perfectly covering all bases. Now, if only I could get them in flat versions to wear to work all day.. Do you ever wish you had an office job just so you could wear whatever you wanted and didn’t have to think about the practicality of it all? Easy Lyfe. Another reason I’m so happy fashion has more recently taken flats into consideration, I hope that never ends. 

Doing more venue recces today for the show, as we have until the end of this week to decide on a space. It is officially now a month until the start of London fashion week!

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  1. OMG I can’t wait to find out where your show will be!

    1. Oh GOD, me too. Dramaz.

  2. Shoe envy! Especially the white Celines, omg.

    I wonder how people in offices manage in massive heels all day – I work in an office and my feet are dead if I wear anything taller than a centimeter! Practicality sucks :P.

    1. Oh I thought working in an office would mean you could wear crazy heels! I guess no one wins. Damn practicality!

  3. wow of course nude ones are the best ones ♥


  4. Beautiful shoes!!!
    xxx from germany

  5. Those Céline shoes!!

  6. Determined to find those Celines one day, very envious of your collection!

  7. I love the chunky ones, I’ve been drooling every time you wore them on Instagram and such

    The Young Bridget Jones

  8. Lovin’ all three. Those white Celines will always be a fave out of the pairs I own. And how exciting about LFW! So happy for you!!


  9. YES, I was thinking the same thing – those would still look perfect as flats. And I almost completely gave up wearing heels for the very same reason. Or I had become more lazy haha! x

  10. Lovely lineup! Very excited for your LFW show. Any chance I could get a ticket? :) x

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