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Just a few little things that I wouldn’t mind being wrapped up under my tree this Christmas…

I was also pretty excited to see my studded headbands on other peoples Christmas wishlists this week. I haven’t done a proper announcement on here yet; but the Charlie May studded headbands from my SS12 collection are now available to buy from my online shop in black and dusky pink!

Photo by Kit Lee

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  1. Oooo. Love your list. I seriously love that Wang streamer skirt and the Moxham bracelet! That is totally going to be on my list too… speaking of which, I really need to do a Christmas wish list post!

    So exciting about the headbands! xx

  2. Ooooh my! The Acne Aviator jacket is the most amazing thing ever. So stunning and super warm!

  3. I love everything!thanks for the comment :)

  4. Great picks, Charlie. Would basically live in that Acne jacket.

  5. What an excuse to get those Burberry Prorsum creepers! I saw them on a Burberry minion outside their offices the other day and they look even better in reality than the photos!! :-)

  6. Those glasses are incredible! Off to hunt them down, thank you!!


  7. i want your entire list :) and i really want one of your headbands… the pink is heavenly… do they slip easily? that is a problem i’ve had with fabric headbands before… since my hair is so straight… come over and visit later.. i found a pair of homemade platform docs on ebay that i want you to see….


  8. Those docs are just like mine! Insania…

    I can make the headbands to your exact size so it should sit just perfect xxx

  9. love the navy ankle boots

  10. That jacket really is a dream. Will definitely be putting a CM headband on my list too. x

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