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Balenciaga Shoes 2006

I’d never actually looked at all the shoes from the Balenciaga A/W collection before, I should have known that there would be variations of the shoe that I want most in the whole world, but, joing the back of the queue right?
How cute are the blue suede ones!?
Has anyone ever seen any of these shoes for sale ever? I saw a pair of the brown shoe boots on eBay once going for over £1000, probably more. I’m going to keep searching for the holy grail of shoes, forever maybe.

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  1. these are fierce and so unique!


  2. Wow, those Balenciagas are intense! I have no idea how it’s possible to walk in them though haha!

  3. ummm… YUM YUM YUM.

  4. They are lovely! Of course the olsens have risen the black boots to icon status

  5. i want the last ones. i may have to find them for the both of us. and make money for them.. maybe i could exchange my old primark heels for them??
    SOS-er fi xx

  6. sam edelman made good balenciaga lookalikes..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  7. What size are you? If I should ever see a pair on ebay or other auction sites, I will let you know…

    The Sam Edelmans are good – but once you look at the real thing, there really is no comparison!!

    BTW – thanks for your comments – I am now following you on Twitter.

    Have a great day – Kate :-)


  8. I am a size 7, 8. more of an eight really but I would happily cram my feet into any of these babies. What size are you? We must promise to come to each other when we stumble across something… even a good lookalike?
    Whats your name on twitter? xxx

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