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Wearing: ACNE sunglasses, Helmut Lang Tee

New Acne sunnies! My boyfriend says they make me look like Elton John but I’m not going to let that ruin it for me. What do boys know anyway! 

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  1. ahahahha i do understand his point but those are some killer sunnies!

  2. I was about to say “Better John than Yoko” when I realised you’d written Elton John, not John Lennon… Totes chic.

  3. haha, seriously, boys don’t know anything. about looking cool, anyway.
    loving your sunnies!

  4. AGg I’ve been looking for the perfect clear glasses and these suit you SOO well, then again I think all kinds of glasses look good on you. Superjeal.

  5. obviously, boys no nothing because these are epic!!!
    I tried them on in black and brown at the Acne store the other day, but your clear frosted frames are soo much better!

  6. Those sunglasses are perfect and they look amazing on you. I definitely don’t agree with your boyfriend :)

  7. I loves ’em, think you look super cool! xx

  8. love the interesting rim!


  9. boyfriends tend to do that a lot! although i wouldn’t care, elthon has some of the most amazing sunnies in the world :) x

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