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When I was in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, I was gutted when my perfect every day bag had abruptly snapped on me. I have always LOVED eBay, with the mix of old and new designer items, it occurred to me that there would be the ideal place for my to find my new dream bag. I’ve been hunting for about a week now and these are my top finds.

I have always wanted a bag by The Row, too expensive to buy in the UK, you can often find prices slashed by at least half (if you go to the US they are the same price in $ as they are £ here!). eBay solves this where you can find items imported or from international sellers at a much better price point. When it comes to brand such as hot new ticket Mansur Gavriel it’s more the point that he sells out so fast on sites such as NAP, you can only find those beaut pieces on sites such as this. I am OBSESSED with the bucket bag with nude inner, potentially my favourite piece of all. But also that cross body! Too much loveliness. 

I have always lusted after the leather lunch bag from Jil Sander, although I don’t know how practical it would be. Sometimes you need that classic piece in your wardrobe! As for Céline, I have the designer coming up on my eBay alerts, so every time I log into eBay it tells me what new items have been launched on the site over the last few days. There are always so many trios, they have me tempted. The Céline Box bag has also always been my favourite, but the classic black is proving hard to track down at a reasonable price.

So I’ve been scouring the site for a week now but I would love your guys’ input! Is there anything that you’ve seen on eBay recently that I should be going after? I am desperately in need of a great new every day bag and need your help! :)


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  1. Go for the bucket bag! x

  2. If you haven’t already got a bucket bag, Mansur Gavriel is definitely the way to go! Simple lines, spacious enough, supports every outfit perfectly…Céline’s Catherine is one of my favourites too, if you need a night out classic and an all-day solution it’s great!

  3. I’ve never searched ebay for a bag, but in Portland, the thrift stores are filled with vintage leather Coach bags. The one I have is small, but is perfect for going out and matches every outfit and occasion. They are relatively inexpensive for a classic handbag!


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