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More accessories to swoon over on the Modo Parcours/fashion trail; Niyona‘s insanely beautiful bags are all hand crafted in Belgium, it takes a minimum of two days to create any bag and you can even get them custom made. It was so nice to see so many beautifully shaped bags, in gorgeous colours, where the design had really been thought about and respected the wearers needs. I particularly like the bags that unzip at the bottom to fit in an extra pair of shoes (genius), and I also had no idea that zips could come in rainbow colours, LOVE.

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  1. A bag with a separate compartment would be ideal for long days… I hate having to squash my flats into my bag next to all the other things. Gorgeous photos. Love the detailing on the zips and all the colours. Really stunning! xx

  2. Beautiful! Nice photos. :))


  3. These pieces are insane. Such an inspiration, very great photos. Love!

  4. Those are so beautifully made!
    I want one!!

    Love from Seoul,


  5. You have a great great blog. Love the things you post and the latest post is one of my favourites! And I’ve actually been scrolling down your blog for the last 10 minutes.
    Follow each other? :)


  6. loving the bright shades!looking at investing in a new bright pink bag. lovely piccies!

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