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New beauty I picked up today at the Christopher Kane sample sale. Happy birthday to mee! I know I usually post the sample sale links on my blog but I’ve now moved it all to my facebook page to get better coverage, follow me there to hear all about them. Excited to have this iconic clutch join my collection!

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  1. Ahh!! Omg. I love that clutch. He has a green one too that I was eyeing a while back before I went on my shopping freeze.

    1. You’re on a shopping freeze?? They had them in all the colours, it took me quite a while to decide!

  2. Jealous!!!

  3. Wow, great buy! I didn’t know it came in black. Very cool.

    1. Actually it’s a dark purple

  4. oh no you didn’t, i am craving for this bag for so so long! didn’t know you could still buy it? lucky you have KC sample sales

  5. I hate you.

    1. KIT you should’ve come to the sample sale! They were ridiculously marked down!

  6. P,S, I can’t wait for us to “accidentally” wear our matching clutches out…

  7. great purchase. so weird and unique, it will be iconic forever.

  8. JFC this is glorius, i’ve been stalking these on ebay but can’t commit for some reason. I’m obsessed with the color of this one.

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