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Chloe Sneaker Wedges on a gusty day

Today I am wearing my my cute Chloe sneaker wedges!
They are insanely comfortable and great to work in, even when today a gust of wind blew an armful of posters out of grasp and I was chasing them across the road, dodging passing cars, until thankfully some nice ladies stopped and helped me chase them about.
Thank you nice ladies!

That’s not the reason I am posting however, I am posting because I found my shoes on Saks last night on SALE!! with £100 reduction! Gutted, haha! They are well worth the money.

There are so many amazing shoe sales on right now! I’m going to Antwerp tomorrow and am hoping to get some fantastic designer bargains, but if I don’t I will be coming back to throwing my money away via the internet!

(and yes that is a black smear on my left foot, dirty London underground!)

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  1. Amazing shoes !

  2. i am loving those wedges, especially because they are mustard yellow!

  3. chloe sneakers!!! ohh like the perfect shoes, you could wear them for so many things!

  4. I know this post is a year old – but I have been looking for these shoes forever. If anyone sees this post and is the owner of these shoes and wants to sell them – in a size 6.5 – 7 (us size) PLZ let me know!

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