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Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester ball gown, 3.1 Philip Lim clutch, Balenciaga heels, Pearls from Claire’s

This dress is probably the most amazing thing I own; it’s been worn a couple of times on the blog but never for a special occasion, such as my birthday on Wednesday. Believe it or not it is usually much bigger with a train, but Ann gave it ties at the side to bring it up off the floor and wrap it around your waist. The pearl accessories are inspired by Chanel SS12 and are just little cheapies bought from Claire’s. They look so amazing though, no? More birthday photos coming soon!

Photos (and hair) by Lexxi

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  1. What no hyperlink to Claire’s?

    OMG Charlie you look so ridic chic!! Flawless. I can’t believe we wore this to Brawn…

    1. ACTUALLY I tried really hard to find the link but they don’t have the stick on pearls on the website. High street fail.

    2. PS – This might be my most cold, barren and upperclass post yet!

    3. Next week we go to a castle!

  2. What a stunning dress! You look so beautiful Charly! x

  3. cold, barren, hahaha someone must be really bored. anyway, the pearls are such a neat idea! Goes perfectly with the gown, especially since “casual glamour” is such a fun way to mix up the daily outfits.

    1. Thank you! I definitely want to see how I can fit the pearls into more casual wear.

      You’re the casual glamour queen in my eyes!


  5. you look great! love the back detailing you did!


  6. You look stunning and what a beautiful dress. Love the back detail with the pearls, that looks amazing..xoxox

  7. u look so pure and magic


    1. Thank you! <3

      I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up so much in my life ;)

  8. Happy birthday! You look amazing as ever, your hair looks especially gorgeous :)


    1. Thanks! I have my hair down so much, I think it’s definitely time to start doing more interesting things with it. I’ll need to be taught though!

  9. You seriously look soo ridiculously amazing I can’t take it! =] love the pearl back details <3

  10. i love the pearls, they look amazing, so innovative. great blog.

  11. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe…follow?
    Where are you from?

  12. you look divine, that first photo is stunning and i love your snow white skin! the shoes are like the best ever! and yes, still in love with the clutch

    1. Thanks love! I’ve been trying my best to get a tan in all tis severe heat we’ve been having over the last week, but it’s made marginal difference! Maybe it’s just because I wear a lot of black that I appear so ‘Victorian skinned’

  13. breathtaking – the gown, the chanel-inspired pear, your hair… you look adorable!

    1. Hey! What are you up to these days? You haven’t blogged in a while.

      Hope you’re well! xxx

  14. You’re such a beautiful human being Charlie.
    Is this why you guys were 30 mins LATE?

    1. No, I promise you it was the quickest outfit pictures EVER! Literally 60 seconds max, it was Guinness book of records worthy.

  15. You look amazing, love that dress and those shoes are really gorgeous!

  16. wow!! gorge and happy bday!! yeah i love the fact that u can choose to have a train (since we ALL love trains) and it is also function-able as u can tie it on the side! nice touch, exactly what AnnD will incorporate in her clothes

    oh btw, u’re kinda mentioned in my newest post, no names but i was referring to u ;)

    xx nathan.niche


  17. Such an elegant ensemble! Love those Balenciaga heels..


  19. So beautiful. The pearls, the hair, your lovely self… Divine. X

  20. AH MAZING!

    Love your style!


  21. nice outfit!!


  22. just discovered yr blog! you & your photos are stunning. love the claire’s pearls w/ the dramatic minimalism of Ann D.

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