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Wearing: Helmut Lang twisted crop and half cuff bracelet, Nicolas Andreas Taralis skirt with Charlie May satin wrap skirt underneath, Converse shoes and Miu Miu sunglasses

It’s been a hot 27 degrees here in London for the past few days, and it’s seriously made me realise how winter my wardrobe is. I managed to find this amazing Helmut Lang top stuffed away in a drawer from last year; it’s time it went back into circulation I think! My brother’s staying with me in London for a few days, which means; serious chill time in the sun, showing him around the neighbourhood and visiting favourite eateries, all before my birthday tomorrow! 

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  1. Is your brother coming to your birthday dinner? EXCITING

    Many shades of grey…50 to be exact. And in all of them that top screen megachic ho-bag.

    1. SCREAMS

    2. Haha, no he’s not coming! Me and Lexxi are getting our facials on in the afternoon

    3. I’m disappointed, I can’t lie. Maybe I’ll give myself a chemical peel so I’m fresh for you…

  2. You look gorgeous but it’s totally true – you do have a winter wardrobe!


    1. Thanks love! I know, I need to order some summer dresses, STAT

  3. loveeee

  4. OMG you’re wearing a CONVERSE, it’s my first time seeing your outfit post, you wearing a CONVERSE.

    1. KIIITTT I’ve so worn these on the blog before haha! When Michael saw me wearing them for the first time he was so shocked too.

    2. I actually asked Lexxi what was going on…

  5. I do love those Miu Miu sunglasses. Super jealous!

  6. I’m loving this outfit, and the sunglasses!


  7. omg ur birthday is soon? im also a gemini!!! mines coming up soon too lol
    yeah im the same that i realize my wardrobe is sooo wintry that i miss my furs and coats and trousers and layers hahaa
    which is why i quickly did some summery shopping haha

    xx nathan.niche

    look at my newly coveted aztec printed pieces, it’s gonna be the new ‘it’ trend, not african, but aztec/mayan!

    1. Ooohh when is yours? I’m such a layering girl, it’s so hard to only wear one thing!

    2. mine is easy to remember, june 6 (6th month 6 day ahahah yes i get the occassion “omg 666!” response)
      omg it was really cool bumping into u again at the kane sale! sorry i left in quite a hurry without saying goodbye cos my mate and i had to go somewhere, but yeah lets do coffee sometime with michael or whoever u wanna bring hahaa, hope u work that clutch soon in one of ur new outfit posts!!

      ps dont worry, u can always layer chiffon or silk tops with pretty trains for summer without needing to sweat and sacrifice ur signature layering style niche! xx

  8. Liking the combination of layered skirts with the crop top. I’ve wanted something similar for a while although it’s now seasonally inappropriate (for me).

  9. you make head to toe black outfit look good. simple as. xo

  10. Mon dieu je suis complètement fan
    Wahou… I’m in love!!

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