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  1. Maison Margiela flared heel mules 2. Jacquemus slingback mules 3. Stella McCartney square toe pumps 4. Stella McCartney pony pumps 5. Marni buckle mule 6. Marni chunky buckle pumps
  1. Rick Owens for Adidas leather sneakers 2. Stella McCartney chunky sole sneakers 3. Stella McCartney Eclypse sneakers 4. Coach teddy sneakers 5. Filling Pieces roots roman sneakers 6. Marni pink lace up soft sneakers 7. Marni calf soft sneakers


Three of my favourite trends this autumn have got to be: the sleek-and-chic boot; the contemporary and almost too modern, verging-on-futuristic pump; and the chunky textured sneaker.


Usually I live in a sneaker, as I lead quite an active lifestyle; cycle everywhere etc but whenever I get the chance I mix up my shoe game. I love the look of a long winter coat with sleek boots underneath. Whether you’re braving legs out or in a skinny trouser; a boot KILLS this look.


If you’re going for a cropped pant like these ones I’ve been living in recently, I find a trainer or a pump works best. If you’re dressing up or dressing down you can decide to go either way. I’ve been fascinated how shoes have been becoming more and more nuts over the last six months and I’m obsessed. The Marni offering is particularly insane with various alien forms in textures across the board. There’s going to be something in there for you.


Similarly Stella McCartney have some incredible sneakers unlike any I’ve seen before alongside the usual very sleek and chic offering, I’ve always wanted to be a Stella McCartney woman, matching the right amount of chic and business – perhaps I’m growing into one! However, what you guys know I always have been is a Margiela girl. The Tabi boots are a timeless staple and offered here in a beaut khaki green. Sock boots in general are having an insane moment and feel nimble enough to run around the city escaping the rain and wind even with a heel which I’m so down with.


So tell me, which ones are your favourites?

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