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Summer sandals to kill for

This year is the first and only time I have found myself really craving a pair of sandals. Maybe its because sandals have never been so sexy before or it’s because I’ve been too focused on heels to ever really give them a chance. If I’m going to spend serious money on shoes they have to say something.
Procrastinating on Browns (as usual) today I found these beauties
. The Louboutin’s are my favourite, they’re so pretty!

Top: Christian Louboutin
‘Adona’ sandal 445
Left: Givenchy
Flat python 410
Right: Balenciaga
Suede Gladiator 470
Martin Margiela
Flat strappy sandals 380


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  1. you are so right, I would kill for them. so fabulous.

  2. There are so cute, I love your title banner!


  3. Thankyou so much xox

  4. Oh, if only we weren’t going into winter in Oz.

    I’m now checking out booties and stacked mary janes…

  5. yesss theyre all perfect. cant wait for summer!

  6. Very cute! love them with some cutoffs


  7. They are all great. I need to buy a really cute pair for this summer. There is so much choice.

  8. They’re so cool and easy to dress with anything. i think its a must have for this spring/summer.

  9. I am so in love with those Balenciaga sandals! All the shoes in the Balenciaga resort collection are just perfection!

  10. Love the Martin Margielas… Would be perfect with a pair of trashed denim shorts.

    Please visit my blog. I think you’ll like it even though it’s in Danish.


  11. love those sandals!

  12. Wow.!! All those sandals are Looking fantastic. I too love to wear gladiator sandals, just got a new pair from BlueFly.

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