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The accessories in this collection stole my heart, my favourite item of all had to be the art deco-esque handbag pictured at the very top. Beautiful, minimal cool; much like the boots in the collection. The half chelsea riding boots were a nice touch whilst the fur lined suede boots kept it grunge but chic.
I loved seeing the press day decorated with volcanic rock, just like the show at PFW. One of the most exciting show layouts in recent seasons.

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  1. Oh my God, everything about this collection is just… I don’t even know how to describe it, apart from HEAVEN. I’m loving the English country equestrian theme, especially those suede and leather riding-style boots in the first picture.

  2. wow great pics! I loooove chanel, so chic and timeless! xoxo

  3. that bag looks like something that would get you seriously in debt…

  4. oh god everything is so beautiful i wish i could just trade my house in for a fully stocked chanel store

  5. oh god everything is so beautiful i wish i could just trade my house in for a fully stocked chanel store

  6. so jealous you got to see this all in the flesh. X

  7. So many beautiful things together make me feel like I’m about to faint :D


  8. You are so lucky to be there!
    Everything looks amazing, love the biker boots with fur inside for the winter!

    With love, Samm
    @ http://www.afterstylecomesfashion.com

  9. This collection is so rich and almost medieval looking. Fantastic pieces

  10. damn, can it get any better?! i’ll answer: no.



  11. OMG, this looks fabulous!!!:D Totally love it!!:D


  12. oh, i’m jealous. on the other hand i’m kinda glad I don’t get to go to these exclusive events – seeing all the beautiful items in real life (and so close-up without annoying sales staff) always makes me want them even more.

    beautiful photos!

  13. beautiful! any good press day freebies? ha

  14. I DIE! So many nice things!

    Love Despite color

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