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AW13 at Icetank studios / Styled by Victoria Sekrier / Hair by Liam Curran / Make up by Thom Walker / FM Models.

I always love seeing backstage pictures at fashion shows, there’s so much buzz and excitement; so I was super happy this season that the backstage area was just as big as the front of house. You can also see much more texture of the clothes when they aren’t under harsher studio lighting. Don’t make me choose a favourite look as I still couldn’t tell you, but I am super happy with the ostrich leather pieces.

I wanted to throw in some Vine videos too, I was so happy scrolling through them all the day after the show, as being backstage (and downstairs) meant I didn’t get to watch any of it myself. You can follow me on Vine @charliemay, and you can stop the models endlessly twirling below by clicking once on the video.

Photos by Jennifer Inglis and Michael Ford

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  1. Soo chiiiiiiiic. Vine really need to improve the app if it’s going to take over from instagram… Even when I click on these videos they just won’t stop!

  2. I love the red lips!

  3. oh, i truly hated red/white combination, but i’ve changed my mind. Red dress looks amazing.

  4. So amazing! I’ve been seeing everyone’s pictures from the show and I wish I was there! The sleek lines, the silhouettes, they’re very much a representation of your style and why your style is impeccable! Congratulations – seems like a great show!


  5. your collection is amazing! love the makeup!


  6. I absolutely agree, backstage is always so much more vibrant and real than the runway, love seeing behind the scenes photos!! And, as I’ve said million times – the collection is stellar!

  7. Beautiful collection!

  8. i like your collection even more now that i can see the clothes while the models are moving. static photos don’t do them as much justice in my humble opinion, but the little video snippets are just beyond great!

    1. Thanks Kitty! Next season I hope to have a lot more video footage of the collection. Sometimes I don’t like a collection until I’ve seen it move on video or in the flesh. Makes the pieces come alive don’t you think?

  9. Great backstage shots. I love the red lip with the simple clean lines. That white jacket is gorgeous.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  10. So glad you incorporated the gifs! I always love backstage photos, seeing how it’s all done makes the show so much more special! You looked so cute at the end, waving :) Oh, and if there’s a video of your show somewhere, do let me know!

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t able to record this season but I definitely plan to in September. I wish I could afford to do a live stream but it’s unbelievably pricey. Clothes look so much better in motion!

  11. These are lovely. The collection looked so good, lady!

  12. I love how you incorporated the Vine videos at the end Charlie. They really do help the collection come to life. xx

  13. You just keep getting better and better!

  14. love love love the red lips!

  15. Great pics !

  16. Omg these reds are gorgeous… black, white + red = win.

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