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Wearing: Charlie May AW12 leather jacket and shirt, Acne trousers, Ann Demeulemeester boots.

Some of my favourite blogs are the ones that show me far off places I wish to visit, like the snowy glaciers of Iceland or the sandy beaches of Australia. I love being taken on holiday just by looking through my bloglovin’ feed, exploring the world through someone else’s eye. It’s about time someone championed the moody english countryside, so here we go. Whenever I go to Devon to visit family, I love to set off in the car and explore new unseen places. This particular beach I hadn’t been to since I was a child, and I remember it hailing so hard we actually had to run off the beach! The weather was kinder to us on this day and we could wonder through the black towering rocks scattered across the sand.

The leather jacket and shirt I’m wearing are from last years AW12 collection. I just got all the samples back from my first two collections from HPR so I can start wearing it all again!

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  1. Lookbook shoot much! So lucky that you’ll now have a neverending stream of samples to wear… Can’t wait until you do menswear and I can borrow all the pieces.

  2. Holy moly Charlie, that jacket is STUNNING. I’m a little bit in love. I’m such a fan of all your Devon pics, you were so lucky growing up in such sublime surroundings!

  3. this post is oh so beautiful! besides your wicked yet clean and simple outfits, virtually travelling to devon is the main reason for me to visit your blog. coasts like these are the perfect background for your take on clothing. you’ve stunned me!

  4. such a perfect combination!


  5. yes, YES nails are amazing, im runing to make my like this <3

  6. What a stunning colour, I can’t get over how delicious the shirt is. The sleeve strap details are so unusual – screw spring, it’s time for AW I reckon!

  7. Nice outfit!! love boots!!

  8. Asdfghjkl Charlie, you’re killing me. Not only you and your clothes are perfect, but the location too! I swear this could go straight to Vogue. You should do a giveaway for some of your samples! x

  9. What is this why have I not been to Devon ever, I know where to go to now the next time I’m in England. Looking good Charlie! Love the stuff you made.

  10. I, too, love to see foreign scenery pop up on my feed, and your blog never disappoints for gorgeous English settings. This post is no exception!

  11. amasing images.charlie keep itup. cp

  12. charlie amazing images. keep itup. cp

  13. Oh my goodness I’m so jealous that you’ve got all your samples back. I wish I had them all to play dress up in! I absolutely adore this shirt. The back is so beautiful.

    Seriously in love with all these photos. The location is stunning. I can’t wait to visit you in Devon! We’ve got to make it happen. xx

  14. Amazing photos !
    Love the beach & your outfit !
    Stunning jacket

  15. I love your nails!
    And the whole outfit too ^^

  16. I finally came across your website. It is pages upon pages of inspiration, I love it and this shot is gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking.

    It was so nice meeting you with Elodie, I hoep to bump into you some time soon


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