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This week I’m featured on the Company Weekly Edit app for their 7 Days of Style feature, also as a kind of second parter to the magazine feature this month! I attempted to write down what I was wearing for each, but it was just too insane so if you have any questions, just leave a comment down below. When you download the app, it will mention the key pieces I’m wearing too. Some of the outfits you have seen here before, I think this is a good rundown of all my favourite pieces I’ve been wearing recently.

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  1. Congrats! Your looks are always so inspiring!

  2. Love all of your outfits. But I especially like the leather pants and I love how you have teamed such a bold colour with a pastel suit. Congrats on your company feature. x

  3. the first look is to die for! you’re amazing as always x

  4. Your inclusion of burgundy, especially in leather, is really inspiring me right now.

  5. Great feature, so many looks that I love. First one has to be my fave though xx

  6. Seven days of ccccccccchhhhhhhhiiiiiiiccccccccc. Looking forward to your post of seven days in pyjamas, jeans and wellies.

  7. Cool looks dear!! I’m going to see the App!

  8. Love every single outfit. Really great sense of style. Those red strappy shoes are just gorgeous!

  9. Nice and perfect looking outfit..

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