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 This week I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Jill (Street Style London) for lunch at Vapiano, an italian restaurant on Great Portland Street that offers a totally new eating/ordering experience. Thoroughly amusing, if not slightly confusing and left me and Jill running to and from the various bars whilst still managing to keep up the same conversation. I didn’t take any pictures inside but I vow next time I go I’ll get snap happy.
Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, Alexander Wang tank, white silk Ann Demeulemeester tie top,  Complex Geometries skirt, Ann Demeulemeester buckle boots.
Photos by Jill who reminded me that blur is beautiful

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  1. beautiful outfit! nobody knows how to create comfortable and stunning shoes as good as ann demeulemeester, no?

  2. i love blurry photographs. my favourite pictures tend to be pictures of people moving.

    however when i first read the title of this i thought of the band..

  3. gorgeous outfit, effortless and incredible as usual!

    Hannah xx

  4. Hello thanks for passing by my blog :).. i love the contrast of blue socks and withe shoes .. there r absolutley beautiful .. you look great!



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