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Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, Theysken’s Theory top, Helmut Lang skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood X Erdem shoes, Maria Francesca Pepe bracelet, Dior sunglasses.

I had that song in my head all day yesterday, and it seemed kind of appropriate for the title here, although I’m not selling my body to the night or anything! The Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale is coming up next week and I was reminded of these beauties that I came away with last year. They’ve only made one appearance on the blog and maybe are used more for swooning than for wearing, which I’m aiming to change. Maybe I’ll be more sensible this year and only buy a pair if I’ll genuinely live in them, like this top and skirt that are on constant wardrobe rotation at the moment.

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  1. Definitely swoon material, but more so when you wear it like that! Love that pic of the shoes (3rd), there’s a bit of asian feel to it too!

    1. Totes Asian, especially if you imagine Charlie has delicate size 4s rather than the size 8s we’re all discussing over on Reddit.

      1. I’m not fat, I’m just big boned! Also clown footed…

        1. Tell it to the trolls.

  2. Oh Woahhhh, totally forgotten it’s sample sale today, the colour is gorgeoussssss! Ok it’s raining, can’t be bothered to go.

  3. Those heels are unbelievable! I love them – they’ve got a sexy Asian bondage feel :P


  4. Agreed, they are completely swoon-worthy!



  5. I love the shoes they complete the outfit perfectly


  6. The colour looks so amazing against your neutral outfit! I’d say wear these to Sushi Samba, but hopefully a new pair will have arrived by then too…

  7. Love everything except those heels! They don’t seem to be you at all!

  8. The second picture is just perfect. I’m loving the way skirt’s hem looks against the sandals. Or the other way around.
    I have to agree with moiminnie, the sandals may not be the usual representation of your minimal style, but I am totally digging it. They look amazing with the all white outfit.

  9. Stunning outfit, love the pop of red from the heels <3

    x Sharday


  10. Gorgeous Ann blazer and stunning NK shoes ;)

  11. The look stunning against your white ensamble! x

  12. WHOAAAAAAA this whole post is magic!

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