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Whilst desperately trying to find a way out of doing my essay this morning my friend dropped me a line, or a link, to these shoes. So now I must have spent the past 20 minutes ogling these shoes, and the rest of Topshop’s website.

I’m not sure how long these shoes have been on the website, could have been ages for all I know. I haven’t been that interested in Topshop since university gave me a project last year in which I had to study the stores ins and outs, and design a commercial outfit capable of being sold in Topshop. I’ve also been in thew Oxford Circus flagship store twice, once for the project and another to buy some leather trousers, both times were absolute hell resulting in me nearly having a panic attack from the crazy teen girls grabbing at the clothes (think I went in on sale day) and the changing rooms failing to have any air conditioning what so ever…
Anyway buying online seems absolutely perfect for me! These shoes are so hot! Also thankyou Susie for the sneak peak of Topshops new collection, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It sucks that such a major edit had to be done but at least I got to see it once. I absoltely cannot wait! I might even visit Oxford Circus when the new collection comes in… whether I join the army at opening time, that is another matter.

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  1. Love the shoes! I think they’ve been out for a while but just got restocked on the website. Which ones are you thinking of getting?

  2. I honestly don’t know! I think it’s a contest between the first two. Which ones would you buy?

  3. Actually the pumps are pretty amazing too…

  4. Hey, its your amazing shoe finding stylist friend here haha,

    the blue ones at the top (which i am seriously considering as a key piece for my wardrobe) also came in black and they were worn on the runway for the topshop unique show in londres xx

  5. love this shoe selection, great blog

  6. I honestly would have never belived that those shoes were Topshop. They are just to stunning for words. For some reason when I look at them, Belenciaga and John Gallian instantly come to mind. Who knows? Maye another one of Topshops’ “inspired” pieces.

  7. The second and fourth are my faves. One of my friends owns the first pair in black. They. Look. So. Good. But the pitch is so steep that they are quite uncomfortable.

  8. oh no! That’s such a shame, my friend bought some, but they were too small. So sad!

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