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Olsens at the Met

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen at the Met
I can’t get enough of these two! Both these looks are flawless, mmmm, now if you excuse me, I must go and read Influence, (arrived the other day! I know I am a little late on the uptake but better late than never…)

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  1. I ADORE Ashley’s look here – some were giving her grief for wearing a caftan but I thought it was a simple and stunning choice. And wow, what white!



  2. I think this time Ashley looks way better dressed!

  3. the olsens were definitely 2 of my faves at the met gala!


  4. These two did look good…also, you must let me know if Influence is any good.


  5. Also, I’m adding you to my blogs list.

  6. Ashley looks amzing

  7. I completely agree! Ashley’s backless dress was absolutely chic and her haircut was refreshing!


  8. i love ashley’s look :)


  9. i love ashley’s look :)


  10. Augh, I know what you mean. Fantastic.

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