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Mathew Ames S/S 09

This is Mathew Ames’ S/S 09 collection that made its debut at New York fashion week this year. He freely experiments with proportions and silhouettes, the finished product is dramatic and architectural. Yet the look we get is something far more elegant and feminine.
His favourite textile is ultra-suede, but the collection features everything from linen to corduroy, creating new volumes.
I really like this collection, it’s kind of futuristic. The photoshoot, set on a stark beach, is in the perfect location. The clothes are so bold, you would stand out anywhere.

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  1. I really like the shapes & volume. I’d never heard of Matthew Ames before, thanks for sharing x

  2. Oh wow…that’s really something. Stunning!


  3. Beautiful. Love the drape work…

  4. The first and third blow my mind. Stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lovlely! so out of this world


  6. those are so lovely!

    i don’t know if you feature etsy shops or not but id love for you to consider it!


  7. I also dindn’t hear about him, yet – especially the third one is absolutely gorgeous…

  8. In love with the colour white!

  9. SO Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous.


  10. I really like the photos do you know who is the photographer ?

  11. I don’t know who the photographer is, sorry. I wish I did, he/she’s amazing!

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