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Wearing: Vintage MaxMara coat, Alexander Wang knit, Zara culottes and sandals, Acne beanie, Backstage jewellery.

Completely obsessed with these thin leather sandals from Zara. Actually way better than most of the designer sandals I’ve been looking at, and with minimal 90s vibes all around. SCORE! This long coat is also perfect for shielding my skin from the mean London weather which is currently sunny and rainy all at the same time. You must get bored reading English blogs because that seems to be the main topic of grumble-sation, sorry! Forgive me whilst I go and catch up on Aussie Fashion Week.

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  1. love the lightning of your photos, perfect timing! gorgeous combination of the purple and the black & white! stunning as always. we are a rainy country too, don’t mind the rain but i do mind the depressing colors of the sky!

  2. I love your simple style so much. No idea how you could stand to wear these shoes, though – it’s freezing!

  3. Love the long coat on you. So chic. xx

  4. Love this whole look, the photos are gorgeous!

  5. love!

  6. I have been in love with those for a while now, my only concern is they are not very comfy because of the thin strap? Looking gorgeous btw! x

    1. I was really surprised at how comfy they were! Their a great height and the strap doesn’t rub at all… get them! :)

  7. Monochrome <3
    The heels are great. Love the minimal look.

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  8. Perfect leather strap!! I do tend to avoid strappy shoes like these just because i can only ever find one which have a massive strap and don’t really look good, these look beaut and I LOVE your long coat. (all i can ever talk on my blog is the weather haha, it’s a british trait!!) xx

  9. I just found your blog in an old comment of yours in my blog! Yours is amazing, your style is clean an polished, love it! :) Following now :)

    Those sandals are indeed sharp, I didn’t even recognize them from Zara! You made them look even better! Love the oversized coat too!

    kiss kiss, Nádia
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  10. Omg!! perfect blog,perfect look…perfect pics!! *_*

  11. Looking flawless – always such a sucker for strappy sandals and over-sized coats!

  12. Superb!I enjoyed it.

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