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Wearing: American Apparel tee, Acne trousers, Alexander Wang brogues, MFP tubular bracelet.

This weekend I got to explore the southern coast of the UK, better known as the Jurassic Coast; where some of the cliffs are around 200 million years old. It was perfect to kick back with family and forget about the last few hectic months with a few glasses of wine and plenty of local seafood! With all the rain we’ve been having I was pleased to rediscover these thick wool man-trousers from the depths of my wardrobe, they’re the perfect Autumn slouchy trouser.


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  1. I’m still waiting to see a velociraptor in one of these posts.

  2. ahhh, I love rediscovering clothes in my closet. such satisfaction :) beautiful place and girl :)

  3. love your trousers. x


  4. you look beautiful, and I want to know that place! xx

  5. Acne trousers! :D I adore your photoshoot backdrops, I wanna do a roadtrip just so I can keep having scenic or super vintage looking settings. Oh, I just post up my final batch of LFW shots I took, fab street style shots guaranteed, it was sort of my Tommy Ton moment, well at least in my head that is hahaa.

    xx The Provoker

  6. Ooh, gorgeous photos. I really want to go check out this place.
    You look beautiful, by the way!



  7. oh my those photos are stunning, as usual, but i love love the bold colors of this nature scene! lady, i have a question! we are coming to london for the holidays, where do you sell your clothes?

    1. Heyy! Currently my stuff is only online at Bengtfashion.com. I hope you have an amazing time here! :D

  8. I LOVE your photos from when your at home. The beach is so beautiful! xx

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