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All pictures by Alex Leese.

So this is the full rundown of the show, from make up to sweep up! Having a catwalk show this season made such a difference, I loved using such a light, neutral colour palette and seeing the liquid satin and velvet move through the wine cellar/WW2 bunker was incredible. A huge thank you to my amazing team, who made the whole day so much fun! Already looking forward to AW13 but first I need to concentrate on production! (PS – Can you spot me in that final pic?)

Stylist – Rebecca Sammon
Make Up – Thom Ticklemouse
Hair – Soitchi Inagaki
Nails – Michelle Humphrey
Sunglasses – Zan Zan
Footwear – Kat Maconie
Music – Jeremie Khlat
Show production – Blanket London
Show Sponsor – Vitamin Water
PR and organisation – HPR London
Assistants – Jessie Fisher and Rhona Dalling
Models at Elite, Profile and D1
Venue – The Stafford Wine Cellars

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! xx

  2. Many congratulations Charlie, the pieces look AMAZING!!!!! xxx

  3. I absolutely love, love, love this. Amazing!

  4. Massive well done, looks lush x

  5. Congratulations with your show!

    Enjoy the afterglow!

  6. AH-MAZ-ING!

    Awed and Inspired x

  7. Oh my goodness, this is seriously my favourite collection from this year’s LFW… Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, and congratulations on such a wonderful collection!


  8. Babe, you’re on of the models, I can’t spot you! What a strong and relevant collection, its strength lies in the details in accesories, as well as the directional cuts. I want the sleeveless beige waistcoat and wow, love the nude leather tops, absolutely stunning Charlie!

    xx nathan.niche

  9. wow. amazing collection but even better photos.
    love it.



  10. Looking at this on my iPhone I actually couldn’t find you!! Might have been the red wine though.


  12. Everything looks fantastic!!!!!

    Love from Seoul,


  13. this is beautiful, I love it! I love it!
    so lightful..
    I love the asymetrical shorts
    and the white blouse

  14. I can’t help but love every garment you’ve created. You have such a minimalistic (in a non-simplistic manner) style and I adore it!

  15. This is so beautiful Charlie! The collection is so stunning and the photos came out so well. Absolutely massive CONGRATULATIONS on the collection. It is stunning and I’m sure it is going to be hugely successful. xx

  16. congrats, charlie! the collection is amazing!

  17. I haven’t commented on your blog in ages even though I’m an avid reader, but I just had to comment to congratulate you. I can see the progression in your designs and I absolutely love this collection.
    Strut Mode

  18. Congratulations Charlie! I think your collection is incredble, you are a complete genius! It just blows me away that everything that I see is thought up by you and then all put together by YOU, you should be so proud, it really is beautiful

  19. Simply amazing you are one talented cookie!

  20. I particularly like the vest coat and the white/cream/blush palette. You deserve all the praise!

  21. Oh Charlie, it looks amazing! Definitely one of the best collections this season (or maybe ever)… I can’t seem to pick my favourite piece, or even my top five – I want all of it right now! xx


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