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Some pictures from yesterday before we went swimming in the sea! Saunton is my favourite beach in North Devon, a mile long with the most amazing views; we ventured past all the surfers you can see in the first picture to run into the sea and leap into the surf. Tomorrow I’m exploring a place called the ‘Valley of the rocks’ out on the moors, if I don’t come back you know where I am!

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  1. Your blog looks hawwt on my iPhone. Just thought you should know. Miss you beautiful girl – wish I was in Devon with you.

    1. OI, look at my blog on your iPhone

  2. nice sunnies

  3. The sunglasses are beautiful, love these pictures!

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  4. The beach is just too perfect. Love the transition of colors of the water and the sand and the grasses. So great!
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  5. Oh the sunglasses !! Trop belle :)

  6. Looks a little cold to be honest!



  7. Going to the beach sounds like a really good idea right now! Ughh I should really go this weekend! ^^” I miss surfing too! D; Anyways your sun glasses look really unique! I love the gold accent on the wire frame! Very classy! :D

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  8. i want to be by the sea as well! there’s something sooooo therapuetic about just watching the ocean isn’t there..sighh im jeal lol

    oh and in case u were wondering i posted up a new post on how the prada sunnies look on me-

    xx nathan.niche


  9. Oh I went to exactly the same place as you! It IS very beautiful, I was in my element. And I’m LOVING the sunnies. Exactly what I needed!

    1. No way!! Were you down on holiday?

    2. on love your rings and the nail polish! oh, and i so envy you for the warm temperatures i’m freezing my butt off in vienna. again. and i was so sure that spring has finally arrived got a new follower now, madame. isn’t that awesome?

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