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Wearing: Sandro top, Viktor&Rolf shorts, Zara sandals, Acne sunglasses.

Saying goodbye to the island on one of our last walks around Talamanca, with decking that winds all the way around the south coast. One night we actually did walk back this way in pitch dark, needing the assistance on Adrian, the videographer’s, industrial camera lighting to guide our way back and make sure I didn’t lose a heel down one of the decking cracks and get left behind all together.

It’s hard looking at these chilled out photos of the trip, when here in London I’m running around like crazy getting my new studio sorted – YES! So excited! You should be seeing a lot more photos of my work when it’s all up and running with natural light flooding in, ahh I can’t wait!!

Photos by Michael

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  1. Heyyy! So excited to hear you are getting your own studio! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see some photos. Loving all of your Ibiza photos – it looks so dreamy. xx

  2. really like your outfit !!! perfectly matched :)


  3. you look so beautiful, i love that so many of your clothes are white but all have such different looks to them xx

  4. OMG which studio space did you decide on?! Who are you sharing with?? Excitinggggg

    1. The amazing one I was telling you about! It’s super close to Bistrotheque too so, power lunches when you’re in town!!

  5. I never expected Ibiza to be on my „have to go there“ list, but now it is. thanks charlie! and I can’t wait to see your new studio!


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