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Wearing: White tshirt, vintage Levi jeans, Alexander Wang clutch and Liya pump, Moxham bracelet.

There probably couldn’t be a larger contrast between eveningy in Antwerp and slumming it down on the farm, but there we have it, now my versatility is laid bare for all to see. The truth is this is a sort of birthday present to Michael, always begging to see me in my “farmer blue jeans” when I’m visiting Devon, and this is as close as he’s going to get.. unless he comes to visit.

Shooting with Camille last weekend, I was adoring her new Sandro jeans, the perfect slouch “I wish I looked good in jeans” I said, to which she replied “Everyone looks good in jeans! That’s the point!”. Maybe growing up where jeans are what you adorn to drive the tractor and muck out the sheep has put me off a bit; then again it’s still exciting to me that I can wear white in the city and it more or less stays that way. So for now these old Levi’s* stay at home on the farm waiting for my next return, whilst I enjoy my own softer wardrobe choices.

*I’m aware these “Boyfriend jeans” are more akin to MC Hammer pants, and I believe they originate from the 80s era instead of 90s, so that explains it. 

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  1. You actually look very good in those jeans! They sound so comfy!

  2. The perfect outfit <3


  3. simple yet cute. I’d never be able to pull off those jeans x

  4. i need those killer jeans!


  5. You look great in those jeans. I wish I could pull them off so well!

  6. Looove this, so relaxed yet put together with all the right accessories weee :D

    1. SQUEE thank you! ^_^

  7. Beautiful! I so love seeing you in jeans. I’m planning to come visit you on the farm just so I can see you wearing them in real life. I would be absolutely naked if it weren’t for jeans. xx

    1. These are actually the ones David wears! For real ‘boyfriend jeans’ ;P

      I think I would like the find a pair with the right fit as it was comfy wearing them, it just feels and looks weird to me after wearing cotton/wool/silk trousers for so long.

      You have to come and visit me in Devon! Perhaps this summer is the time

  8. you make me wanna own a boyfriend jeans IMMEDIATELY!!!


  9. Jean perfection!

    x Sharday


  10. I am still speechless.

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