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Currently down in Devon and enjoying sitting under this beautiful Wisteria tree every morning for breakfast. The weather is so beautiful I have all but forgiven the months of non stop rain. At the beach yesterday I could have easily mistaken the beautiful blue surf for Australia or Hawaii – almost. My surfer friends could not have had bigger smiles on their faces and I thought, if Devon could be like this all the time, I would live here no doubt; but for now it’s the perfect holiday.

My suitcase has pretty much been packed exclusively with white things, including this Topshop unique belted wrap skirt that I don’t wear enough, and a classic silk shirt that’s perfect for the heat. I hope you’re all getting to enjoy the sunshine! 

Thanks to my bro for the photos

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  1. Oh gosh you just know how to dress simply and elegantly hey? I wish I could pull off such stunning looks – I feel like I need to wear prints and bright colors to look good, and I know it’s silly! I wish I could pull off an all-white outfit as well as you! :(

  2. So breezy and chic, love it, girl! And I’m glad you’re enjoying your holidays. :)

  3. the all white look is just beautiful!


  4. Wow beautiful scenery! Loving the simplicity of your outfit here. Though I’m a bit jelly of how in UK it’s sunny and warm and here in Eastern Europe it’s cold and rainy everyday :)

  5. beautiful outfit!!
    i’m following on bloglovin!!

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  6. Beautiful picture <3

  7. in love with the skirt and wisteria. smells sooo good!


  8. pure, white perfection

  9. Why wear a flower crown when you can stand under a bunch of flowers?
    Haha, love the location and the outfit!
    Beautiful <3

    ORR’s BLOG

  10. Wisterias are absolutely breathtaking. Very elegant outfit and photos!

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