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Wearing: Mango coat, Topshop jumper, Fazane dress, J.W Anderson skirt, Haider Ackermann boots, Acne beanie, Noemie Klein ring.

Do you like my new shower mat, worn as a skirt? I love seeing fashion through the eyes of someone who doesn’t get it, and my bf constantly comes out with little gems such as this. It’s OBVIOUSLY a laser cut neoprene skirt with a houndstooth lining showing through underneath.. uh, and It’s perfectly warm for braving the cold. 

Photos by Lexxi

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  1. I lurveee your JW Anderson skirt….it so metallic in my eyes.

    1. It makes me eyes so squiffy

  2. love your doormat! BTW you are absolutely a snow/winter queen! love your white skin combined with a snowy landscape. stunning as always

  3. Love the skirt. Your boyfriends shower mat description is so funny. Sometimes I just think “Whoever doesn’t understand this piece is really going to hate it.”



  4. This is perfect! And I love the last image, so amazing x

  5. Ahahaha that reminds me of my husband so much! He called a pair of my earrings shower curtain rings. Hey shower themed pieces are in, huh? :)
    Anyway, that skirt is beautiful, and you did a perfect job layering it.

  6. WOW YES

    I am here for this

    the skirt is perfect

    amazing photos


  7. Stunning photos! I love your ring too :).


  8. cool post! I really like it!


  9. Such a perfect location for an outfit post! Urgh and I still love those boots.

    1. I’m trying to keep them looking new for as long as possible but they’re already going wrinkled and getting muddy in all the snow :/

      1. Nooooo. We should be carried everywhere.

  10. oh my word I love those boots.

  11. I love the coat! Definitely something I regret not buying.
    Also, I’ve decided to properly try my hand at blogging ;)


  12. Love how you have worn our dress Charlie! Will try that ourselves!
    Much Love
    Fazane Malik – LIMITED EDITION womenswear

  13. Love everything on you! <3

  14. Amaaaazing. I love this outfit on you. The skirt looks awesome but I’m really drooling over your boots! xx

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