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 Wearing: Won Hundred coat, COS knit, Rachael Barrett shorts, Acne boots, Helmut Lang cuff

 Weird creepy hand series. I don’t know what’s going on, maybe it froze in mid air.. and then switched to the other one further down. Anyway, after shooting the fashion film this weekend in sub zero temperatures the snow started to fall on Saturday night, leaving east London under a clean white blanket. These shoes probably weren’t the most practical choice for getting around, but the heels did kind of act like picks in the snow. Fashion over function always! 

Thanks Lexxi for the pics! 

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  1. ARGH I can’t wait to see your film!!

  2. Aw no fair London always gets the snow. Your coat is absolutely wonderful.

  3. i like your coat. look so snuggy! snow is so beautiful innit?

    xo katrina

  4. Perrrrfect winter outfit. Wow, the coat is special!


  5. beautiful coat! I love it!
    I follow u, follow me please
    And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  6. lovely coat :)
    Love Lois xxx


  7. Love this look. simple and perfect.

  8. Oh I love your coat! I think I was the only who didn’t venture out into the cold over the weekend, just toooo cold! x

  9. You stand out in the snow!

  10. you make me happyyyy, when skies are greyyyy

    can i pinch the cardigan knit please, FANXXXXXXX.

    also, you still coming out for drinkies friday!?

    sammy mumba xxxx

  11. Gorgeous photos, you look stunning in the snow! I adore your coat, so chic <3

  12. GAHHH! I love those boots!!!! Simple and Chic!!

    Love from Seoul,


  13. So pretty in the snow! x

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