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 Last Thursday Alexxsia, Michael and I were invited to try out Trullo; a restaurant in Islington with quite a reputation for tasty eats. The decor downstairs was quite rustic, with exposed light and ventilations fixtures, as well as little cubby holes in the walls for tables and chairs; hooks hung inconspicuously from the walls for the guests to hang their coats, whilst the kitchen was fairly open and you could watch your food being prepared. 

  Trullo is known for their great cocktails so for starters we tried out a few, favourites being the Lions Tale and the Expresso Martini. For a bite we all tried the Arancini with saffron and bone marrow, which was in short deep fried risotto. I’d been excited to try bone marrow, but to be honest I couldn’t really tell it was there, it was a delicious morsel to start with though and I would definitely order it again. For more of a main, my favourite was the Braised cuttlefish with bay and red onion – their top dish without a doubt; I would also recomend trying the Mozzerella di bufala with Swiss chard and Amalfi lemon- the lemon brings out a completely new dimension to the dish, as well as the beef and polenta dish, which was tasty. It’s worth saying that their menu changes on a daily basis, so I can’t guarantee these exact dishes will be available, but I think the dishes always remain similar.

For dessert Michael, Alexxsia and I shared 4 puddings (which was pretty funny considering we were the only fashion bloggers there, and the rest of the table ordered 3 plates between 5 people..) Who said fashion week is on the way? The coffee creme pannacotta was pretty awesome for a bitter and sweet combination but the favourite among us all was the cheese plate to end all cheese plates, with matching wines. UH-MAY-ZING.

Thank you Alix for the invitation and to Trullo for having us. 
..Also to Tim, the dishy waiter, for putting up with us

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  1. I’ve just had dinner and STILL my mouth is watering! x

  2. That food looks incredible, I’ll definitely be hot-footing it down to Islington as soon as I move down to London in a few weeks! After reading this post, my bowl of Cheerios for dinner is looking increasingly more boring…

  3. hummm miam miam….
    tes photos sont superbes

  4. This looks so nice, and the pictures look fab!

    Take a little peak at my blog <3


  5. lovely post!<3 the white bag is awesome!

  6. yey for food day.. have a great day , C

  7. OMG!!!!!!! The food looks YUMMY! The pudding slice looks yum

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. Sound amazing! And your pictures are lovely, I love your blog and you pictures are amazing! :)

    I’m going to London on saturday ;)


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