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After seeing this Theyskins Theory piece at the Farfetch event a while ago, I knew it was only a matter of time until it was a new favourite addition to my wardrobe. I tend to live in shirts and was feeling other areas -such as slinky sheer panelled knit tops, were lacking. Also, maroon faux leather trousers; I’ve worn these a few times and now is the perfect weather to start living in them!

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  1. I might need a burgundy red pair of leathers too

  2. The top is amazing! So nice. Also loving the (p)leather trousers. I really want to get a pair but maybe I’ll stick at the gym a bit longer first so I can pull off a really skin tight pair…

  3. Love this top on you Charlie. How are the trousers holding up? Have they got all baggy and stretched out? I always find fake leather trousers do that and a saggy bum is never chic. xx

    1. They’re holding up well! I actually like that these aren’t super tight, I think I’d be way too self conscious. I’m not experiencing any saggy bum action yet either!

  4. Need to get myself a pair of burgundy leather trousers.
    Love this look!



  5. I would always go with grey on oxblood pants, but you make this work so wonderfully! The shirt is amazing. Love from http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  6. yep, that top is beautiful

  7. love the white and burgundy combo! the pants are spectacular. i miss monki!

    & congratulations on an absolutely stunning show! i adore the photos, wish i could have seen it in person!



  8. I’m SO hooked on ur blog atm, and looks, and style and everything…and your latest collection looks so good and sharp and on point. I’M FAN.

  9. I also really like how your outfit posts reflect your sensibility for clothes and your taste as a designer! and not just someone who buys and wears..X

  10. good quality!

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