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Photos by Robbie Peachey.

This is the last set of photos from the show, I promise! I just had to post these as the lighting, colour, everything, is just perfect. I had an amazing time in Paris last week, even if I was only there for a short time, everything felt new and exciting. I met with buyers and showed them the collection and got some amazing feedback too!

I’m already excited to get started on AW13, that said, I learnt some new information this week about how ahead the buying schedule really has become for designers. That is that bigger retailers now begin buying collections up to three months before fashion week (say November for next season, instead of Feb), so most designers are already making their AW13 collections now in preparation for next month. Which kind of explains why designers such as McQueen always had a totally different feel from catwalk to shop; designers are now having to make two separate collections for buying and PRing. I thought this new info brought to light was worth sharing, as I never learnt this through university or working for other designers, yet it’s still something you’re expected to know already. We really are starting to get a year ahead of ourselves.

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  1. So the big buyers get a preview of the retail collection three months before the show? Does that mean the precollection also gets shown another few months earlier?

    I did notice when I’ve been in Qasimi’s studio picking up pre-orders before fashion week, they are often not just working on the next collection but the season after it too. So at the time of their SS13 show for example, they already had all the fabrics chosen for the following AW13. Crazy!

    1. Exactly! It really knocked me sideways realising I’ve been working to the wrong schedule and the budgets are already gone by the time I’ve finished in time for fashion week!

      I still don’t understand why you see so many buyers at the shows if they’ve already made their purchases though.

      1. Lots of the big press will have seen them before the shows too I guess. Probably why nobody actually looks at the catwalk during the shows…

  2. I love the design and the color palette chosen for the collection.. fantastic!
    xoxo mariposa-world.blogspot.com

  3. gorgeous collection! i love the sunnies!


  4. I still can’t get over how beautiful your designs are Charlie. Also really interesting learning about the super early buying process. I love that we’re learning along with you!

  5. your collection is beyond! i want to wear every piece. congrats again, love.



  6. I love your collection!

    Thanks for the interesting fact, I think this is going way to fast only for the sake of selling more.It’s a little bit sad, don’t you think?

  7. These photos are beautiful. They exude such a dreamy mood. xx

  8. Great collection.

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