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Wearing: COS coat, Stella McCartney jumper, Zara trousers, Nike shoes.

Basic studio wear, catching a coffee with Shini on Broadway Market; I say catching because the wind was so fierce, we were fighting to keep our hair on! and most of these pictures I was unidentifiable until I pinched her beanie and reclaimed my identity. I’ve been super busy in the studio working on AW14 as well as finishing off SS14 production, before leaving for Devon next week. SO excited for the holidays! I’m doing a pre Christmas sample sale today at The Trampery with many other amazing London designers, I hope you guys drop by! 

Photos by Shini

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  1. wow, great jumper !!! :)


  2. Yes! Great simple look!
    With love,


    | justlikesushi.com |

  3. Great look!

    xx R U I B R I

  4. so in love with the sweater.


  5. Gorgeous outfit. I want to wear my chinos now! Wish I could be there at the sample sale today. I’m still dreaming about those wide leg light blue velvet trousers… YUM. Hope it goes well.


    1. You need to own those trousers!!!

  6. perfect sweater!


  7. These photos give off kinda Amsterdam-ish vibe, loving it. Great outfit, as always – you can do no wrong in my book! Love from http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  8. Another great Mix, Stella Plaid knit is so beautiful lovely mix with simplicty…

  9. Sweater, pants, coat, everything perfect <3

    O. R. R.

  10. I really like this combination, you look so adorable :)


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