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Mimco Bag worn with Ann Demeulemeester silk chiffon tie dress, Jil Sander Trousers and Ann Demeulemeester Boots.

Before I moved to London, a special package arrived at my door from Mimco, an Australian accessories brand that’s taking the world by storm. My package came with a book that had been carved out and replaced with a key and a note all about the ‘Unpredictable revolution’.
This latest collection has taken inspiration back from the 1700’s and 1800’s, imagining a story from a dark debutante’s diary; Mimco has combined romance with organic tribal themes, using distressed leathers, studs, blackened chains and trinkets to form a twisted elegance to an unpredictable Revolution.
The gift I received was the beautiful Mademoiselle Satchel bag you see above, I can honestly say it’s my favourite bag and I wear it all the time! You can adjust the strap to be long or short with the push through studs; The detailing is exquisite, and even though there is a lot going on it doesn’t seem overly trying. Playing with the tassle knot at the front has become a bit of an annoying habbit as well..!
Thank you so much MIMCO for this insanely beautiful present.

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  1. It’s beautiful – I’m jealous!


  2. Wow that is so cool! What an amazing idea to conceal it in a book! Awesome! <3


  3. that dress is gorg
    come follow xo

  4. Fantastic dress!!


  5. looove that ad dress! the transparent delicacy looks perfect with black solid pieces.

  6. looove that ad dress! the transparent delicacy looks perfect with black solid pieces.

  7. darling you look wonderful! xx


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