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Featuring: Our SS14 showroom in Marais, Paris.

I can finally say I’ve recovered from fashion month and Paris last week! This was our showroom in the heart of Marais, the space was also home to beautiful accessories designers Kite Eden and Jessie Harris. I had so much fun sharing the space and our time together, with our work hard, play hard logistics that I think everyone adopts when they’re in Paris for fashion week! Next season I’ll definitely be staying a little longer.

Nothing compares to seeing a collection up close and I felt many of the texture details were lost in the catwalk imagery, so there’s some close ups for you to see here too. The mesh fabrics were made in the studio, layering up sheer silks with the mesh trapped in between, bonding the mesh with cotton to create a versatile three dimensional fabrication; also using croc print raffia against sports jerseys and scubas and butter soft leathers was another favourite. 

Huge thanks to those who came to visit, until next season!

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  1. Beautiful inspiration!
    xxx from germany

  2. Seeing a collection’s clothes up close is always 10000000 times better!
    Such lovely photos in a beautiful setting

    Charlotte x

  3. I love the shoes so much !

  4. I can’t get those shoes out of my head: they are perfect! And those mesh fabrics: so good. Respect for everything you are accomplishing!

  5. OMG CHARLIE THIS IS STUNNING! congratulations my girl.

    xxx h

  6. The shroom was my favourite venue of fashion week so far. BUT WHY NO TWERKING PHOTOS?!

  7. i love all the details! especially the hardware on the bags.

  8. Okay, I think I am in love with the spaghetti straps mesh dress. Words cannot express how much I like it. Seriously. You did a great job with this collection. x

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