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Editorial for Volstrom Magazine featuring Charlie May SS13.

Loving this new Volstrom editorial featuring the silk wrap skirt and the high cut shorts from SS13, worn with some beautiful Kirsty Ward & Hugo Boss tops. The sportswear vibe feels so right paired back with the minimal wrap skirt; this is definitely a look I want to replicate for summer.

I was sad the skirt never went into production, despite being popular in Marie Claire and with you, dear readers, sometimes pieces slip through the net! This season I’ll be making sure that doesn’t happen as I’ll be ordering for my own e-commerce store, expected to launch for August, so watch this space! 


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  1. Stunning editorial!

    x Sharday


    P.s. I’m having a ROC sunglasses GIVEAWAY.. you should enter!

  2. Mmm really nice editorial. Doesn’t the girl look like a young Giovanna Battaglia?!

    1. Oooh yes, I totally see the resemblance!

  3. This is beautiful Charlie! I love seeing you progress and being successful in what you do. You go! x

    1. Thank you! xxx

  4. The high shorts are incredible and look SO beautiful, congrats on e-commerce store, so exciting!!

  5. Oh no.. this is so wrong.
    No denial that the clothes are gorgeous , but the model is way too skinny.

    1. Hi Marie, Thank you for the compliment! I know what you mean but models, it seems, are always going to be skinny, until we have an epiphany like before the 90’s (before Kate Moss) models were a size 10. I think it falls upon us, woman are obsessed with looking at an ideal version of ourselves, skinnier, pretty, wealthier, I’m guilty of this too :(
      Although I hope that soon we will idolise a healthier image, such as a beautiful athletic body instead.

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