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Recently I’ve been searching for an update on my specs, obviously they didn’t have these in any of the opticians I’ve been searching in but it didn’t stop me fantasising none the less. ‘The Panther Collection’ is from Givenchy’s latest masterpiece (A/W 11) and retails at around £350 a pair.
Me likey.

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  1. damn, they’re so pretty i would consider wearing them even though i don’t need glasses (which i actually find ridiculous, but yes…)

  2. eye-catching indeed.

  3. Oh my god, it’s crazy! :)
    Did you try them?
    My last post (http://goldielondon.blogspot.com/2011/08/summer-in-city.html#comments) is about what you can do in London. What do you think about it? Any cool idea?

  4. aw these are so cool!kinda like lady gaga lol

  5. Those are quite fascinating! :)

  6. I NEED these glasses in my life! I’m an avid fan of contact lenses – mostly because I can’t find a pair of glasses that I like enough to wear constantly – but I’d never take these babies off!

  7. And a chocolate tea pot while we’re at it!

    These are rather smart (apart from the furry ones which are just daft) but they do look cumbersome to wear… x

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