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The new Larissa Hadjio accessory collection MAY+SASA was inspired by David Attenborough ‘Godfather of the Wilderness’. Larissa has created six underwater creatures constructed using leather and treated fish skin, as well as traditional Swiss zip technology.
In a market saturated with the clichés of femininity, the MAY+SASA collection entices you to buy something that fits your character rather than buying something that speaks for itself. 
The bags made up of an Oyster, Squid, Hammerhead Shark, Squid, Shrimp, Crab and Carp and made as almost a reverse origami using a special 3D technique. 
I really like the mood of the video, perfect choice of model and location. The bags hanging off the fishing line look so good! My favourite is definitely the Hammerhead Shark, or maybe the little clam purses.
You can buy these little wonders straight from the Larissa Hadjio website, but be quick as they are all limited edition.

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  1. Charlie May – this is beautiful. I’m adding this designer to my list. So special. Thanks for sharing, my lovely. x

  2. I love animals into fashion!

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