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Antwerp again.

I wanted to keep this travel diary fairly short as those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time will have seen enough already! See example here, here and here – see what I mean? Time to visit some other countries I think..

The stock sales have always been kind of a tradition amongst us since we were at uni, buying fabric for our collections and a few pairs of shoes on the side. It’s amazing being able to buy wools and silks created by Ann Demeulemeester or Haider Ackermann themselves, never even used and marked down to crazy town. This time it was more of a holiday with lots of shopping and over indulging in general. It was Michael‘s birthday after all so we started as we meant to go on..!

I promised I would talk more about our hotel crate on the harbour; owned by the same company as our second night stay at Hotel Les Nuits – super chic; black laquer walls; cocktail bar, spa; I couldn’t recommend it more if you’re heading to the city! Sleeping Around is a compact, transportable, luxury hotel room that has been recycled out of sea shipping containers. The crates regularly move around the city making it a real life pop up hotel. It was an amazing experience to wake up on the harbour side, looking out over the water; it felt like being on a dessert island somewhere, especially as the weather was so HOT. Perfect. 

Thanks to travel buddies, Louisa, Lexxi and Michael, and shopping buddy, Ivania!

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  1. Ah, your trip looks so dreamy. I love all the photos. It looked like you guys ate some amazing food! The hotels sound so cool. I’d love to visit Antwerp for the stock sales with you so badly!

    p.s. you rock all white so well. #jealous

  2. Dood I still cannot believe that’s a hotel, like with full breakfast and room service and stuff?? GENIUS.
    I can’t believe I’ve never been to Antwerp before, and if it’s true it was that hot then I guess I don’t have to look too far for a warm-weather getaway!

  3. The black heels are awesome! And the pictures are beautiful!


  4. so strange to see these photos ;)

  5. That’s so cool to sleep in a converted shipping container, I’ve seen one converted into flats for key workers somewhere in East London.

  6. I can see that Antwerp is breathtakingly beautiful, just like you! Can’t wait to see it myself in June! PS: Love your second look with the wedges!


  7. Great shots. Following to see what else you have in store :)


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