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Quite the contrast between the warm indoor settings and the cold stark landscapes, but that’s what I love about Devon. Exploring outside all day, and back indoors for tea and cake in the afternoon, warming our toes by the fire. It’s pretty idilic, and I feel lucky to be able to have the best of both worlds. Everyone needs a break from London sometimes.

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  1. So much loveliness. I feel the same about the countryside but some people don’t and I find that weird. They don’t think there is anything worth doing or seeing outside London and the quiet and the real darkness and the lack of crowds freak them out. They are missing out, I think.. X

  2. LOVE this photographs!! They’re just gorgeous. such a beautiful energy coming from them. Happy New Year doll! xo

  3. Such an awesome nutcracker! Please tell me you drunkenly pretend to be a judge with it…

    P.S. loving that mysterious final photograph xxx

  4. those little paws and chubby belly,,, so cute… <3

  5. awesome pics! ♥

  6. Great blog! I really like the red heels! :)

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