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For the second day in Antwerp Lexx and I met the lovely Clara early in the morning for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. We spent the day taking in the city and cooling off in the fountains, as well as taking in the design Antwerp has to offer. Everything from the architecture to the designer boutiques is an inspiration in this city.

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  2. In no way does that belt/bodice make a ‘simple’ outfit. I almost died when I saw it, and scrolled down expecting to find out it was Margiela. Cannot believed you made it +_+

    p.s So jelz I didn’t go to the Twerp; have seen some of Clara’s buys and they are amaze.

  3. nice close-up of your belt. love the long straps and the colour, and it looks so soft! you’re the perfect model for your own designs! :)

  4. LOVE your leather halter/bodice!!! EVERYTHING is iNCREDIBLE..your style is off the charts. And your pics of Antwerpen are gorrrgeous! Looks like the BEST time EVA!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  5. i love the first image on top. great architecture.

  6. amazing pictures!!

  7. Thanks for your comment! Your style looks really unique!

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