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What can you do when you cancel a sailing trip in March due to bad weather and rebook in May, only to have the weather fail you again? Well you do it knowing you can’t trust that’s it’s ever ging to be on your side! Timberland had invited us to go sailing, testing out their new Formentor sailing gear (you’ve never seen me look so good!) We were sailing out the port of Portsmouth in two teams to learn the ropes, swab the decks, man the crows nest etc, the weather was pretty grim and once we’d got out the port we were thrashed from side to side – this could have just been because Laura was behind the wheel, mind you. We learnt how to tack in and out, turning the sail in the wind which was quite difficult; steering was my forté, pretty much like driving a car and when your standing at the center back you don’t feel the waves thrashing you from side to side so much! After two hours on the seas, we settled down for lunch and a much needed glass of wine, before heading out to race the two teams around the harbour. Donna and Graham were naturals at the helm, trying to persuade the team for press trip number two out in Mexico.. I can dream!

To talk about the actual sail-wear, I was impressed by the formentor shoes. They allow water to flow in and out with drainage ports in the bottom. I’m planning to test these out when I get back to Devon, I think they’d be perfect for climbing over the rocks, as I usually fall into a rock pool or two. I’ve just booked a week down there at the start of June so excited for some country air!

Thank you to IPR and Timberland for inviting me out for the day, and to the rest of the team for such great company!

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    I like the photo of the ropes.

    1. Haha that’s my favourite too!

      And.. for your information I’m not wearing jeans, I’m wearing black Jaeger trousers. You’ll never see me in jeans! Hmwahaha

    2. One. Day.

  2. aww love the whole nautical mood of this post!! loves it and looks like u had fun ;)

    xx nathan.niche


    1. Thanks Nathan, it was really fun! ..except for having to wear galoshes up my armpits!


  3. I’ve been waiting for these photos! Looks like so much fun – and glad to see the sailing shoes are not as bad as I expected.

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