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Wearing: Zara knit and trousers, Céline shoes, Dr Martens tote and Rachel Entwistle jewellery.

Lately I’ve been developing an obsession for thin jewellery; I have an endless supply of chunky rings and chains, which is something that some of my favourite british designers do best, until I stumbled upon Rachel Entwistle (now also PRd by HPR London!). Hanging out in their showroom last week, whilst I was waiting for menial tasks such as printing to hurry up, I couldn’t help trying on some of the pieces. Those delicate cross rings won my heart over straight away and before I knew it, I was in Rachel’s store, Thor & Wistle, trying on even more. The pieces I came away with were two cross rings, a matching bracelet and a little beetle bracelet. So in one fell swoop I had all the delicate jewellery I’d been looking for!

A big thanks to Rachel for actually resizing the ring, for my chubby fingers, in store! If you’re in Shoreditch you have to go, I guarantee you’ll fall in love, like me. 

Photos by Shini

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  1. Such gorgeous photos. I love your outfit Charlie. Whenever I look at your blog all I want to wear is black and white. Still totally envious of this Zara jumper. It’s so good!

    Also adore the jewelry. It looks so perfectly delicate. xx

    1. You are more than welcome to get it online, and deliver it to my house ready for when you come in June :P

  2. wow, hello beaut! the knit and those shoes are heaven.

    think jewellery is great, although with my chubby fingers i do feel that sometimes it can be too delicate that i’ll break them!

    1. There’s no way you would break them! They’re gold plated so not so easily bent out of shape. Also because they’re so thin, then don’t fly off the end of your finger like all my other ones do :)

  3. What a super nice tote <3


  4. im quiet bored of this black/white looks, but your style is just amazing and i would like every, even b/w outfit of yours.<3

  5. Such a great look, I’m never bored of a good black and white look! And stunning jewelry!

    x Jony

  6. Those shoes look really good on you! Loving the little golden details too! x

  7. shoes are amazing, love the black and white, great look overall:)

  8. Black and white NEVER fails. You´re effortlessly chic!

  9. I think that’s unusual that I love love love all the pieces, you look super great!
    Your shoes are amazing :-)
    You have such a lovely blog, I have a blog too! :-) If you want to have a look at it, it would be great!
    Have a nice day :-)
    X from Piera Anastasia

  10. this look is a-ma-zing!! I really adore the shoes and the necklace. you’re style is just divine, dear!


  11. The shoes are so amazing.

    Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

  12. Perfect monochromatic look. LOVE IT!

    x Sharday

    Shardette Blog

  13. A little surprised that the tote is Dr Martens – so minimal and slick. And the Celine heels are way too good! x

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